Handover The Dough

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Our prices are tailored to each event, costs vary according to the amount of people to be catered for.


There are no hidden charges or extra fees unless you would like us there for an extended time (over 4 hours) or you would like to change the party menu to include additional toppings etc.

Our Pizzas are approximately 11" and thin crust.

We can serve the Pizzas two ways, your guests can come directly to the Van and order individual Pizzas from our menu or buffet style, ideal for large numbers of 150+ so people can help themselves to slices.


We would require an extra pair of hands to run the pizzas into the venue for a buffet service at an additional cost of £10 per hour but on the plus side less Pizzas will be required as your guests will be sharing.

In the unlikely event that there are any leftover Pizzas at the end of service we will box and label them up for you and your guests to take away for the cab ride home or perfect for breakfast the next morning!

We cater for Meat Lovers, Vegetarians and Vegans.

Sadly at present we don't offer Gluten Free pizzas. 

A typical party menu sample is shown here.

Private Event prices start from:

£14 per pizza for a minimum order of 30+ pizzas (£420+)


£13 per pizza for 40+ pizzas (£520+)

£12 per pizza for 50+ pizzas (£600+)

£11 per pizza for 70+ pizzas (£770+)

£10 per pizza for 100+ pizzas (£1000+)

Please note, a non refundable deposit of £100 is required to save the date.