And Dough it Began...

Cheeky Kids.jpg

My kids are my

toughest critics! 


In February 2017 on a freezing cold and snowy day, I started to build my very own wood fired oven in my back garden from scratch and, with the help of some good friends along the way, the base and my oven were completed just in time for Easter.

From the start. From making my own dough to building a fire to cooking the pizzas and then to eating them I was hooked and so were my family.

My young daughters always want to help roll out the dough and put the toppings on even if it means standing on tiptoes on a stool to do it! Of course, my own Italian roots have always been with me, and my childhood memories that I will cherish forever. I remember my Nonna cooking for our whole extended family and bring us all together. Nonna's recipes are still used in our family today, and they taste as good now as they did then; and one day I will pass the recipes and secret ingredients on to my own children too.

I adore wood fired pizzas and love sharing them. A friend, who has experience in Events and has always wanted to own a street food van, suggested starting a Pizza business together so from then Cheeky Pizza was co-founded.


We purchased a van and had it converted to house our new, high spec wood fired pizza oven and equipment. It looks amazing and we are thrilled with the results.


Donna xxx